Monthly Archives: December 2008

Another Birthday

So yesterday (Dec. 3rd) I celebrated another in a long line of birthdays and I was fortunate enough to celebrate it in London, England AND I had a day off so I got to do WHATEVER I wanted.

Turns out that what I LOVE to do is be inspired and inpire…who knew?
I find that all my wanderings around the world that have me end up somewhere alone, always has me searching to find the beauty in what I’m experiencing, as well as looking for any chance I can find to share that perspective with whomever I run across that will listen.
I also noticed that my inclination to keep creating community…that (special) community (for me) is also something that is a default setting for me. The idea of having all my deepest friends know each other as I know each of them, leaves me thrilled to death and validated in my life.
If I were to ever look to do God’s work, it would look like my current life.
I must say thank you to God and The Universe for bringing such amazing peopleĀ for me to loveĀ into my life, and for allowing me to be someone that they find some joy in loving.
My birthday wish is, still, as always, that in loving service may I ever be a channel of blessings for others.
G’night mate…